Impressions from the West


A holiday trip in summer 2019 led us to all three West Coast states of the USA. A start was made in the San Francisco Bay Area from where we traveled to Oregon and Washington in the north. Though the three states may be very different in several aspects, they have three things in common: Magnificent nature, lively cities and last but not least interesting and often uncommon people. All of this makes this part of the world a fascinating destination for travelers from Europe and a very interesting object for observations with the camera. 

This page compiles a set of photographs taken during the said travel. It is grossly structured according to the three topics mentioned before, starting with nature and landscape then cities and finally the people living therein. All photos are simply impressions which shall stand for their own and speak for themselves. Therefore I abstained from presenting them in a chronological or geographical order and even abstained from giving them titles. Nevertheless the reader will recognize partly well-known motives from the big cities San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. Of course a good deal of the pictures reflects the awesome landscapes at the Pacific Coast and other beautiful nature which can be found in the northern part of the West Coast.